You can now download the all new Xbox Live Code Generator of version v2.2.1!

Here is the exciting news for all the potential users and readers of the stupendous Live Code Generator of the amazing game console Xbox that the Xbox has released it latest V2.2.1 version! This newly released Live Code Generator has got the update to a greater level and the latest source code. It has larger than life ability that uses Xbox points cards all for absolutely. All you need to do is to just click on the download button on the URL start to get all the up graded benefit from this Live Code Generator. The company has made the things much easier for the potential and loyal users of the Xbox and hence the new version is made free.

Now the question is how can you get the Live Code Generator for absolutely free? If you have downloaded the previous versions or as mentioned earlier that you just have to click on the download from our website for the protected version of the point’s generator. The Xbox Live Code Generator that is downloaded is truly protected and produces the Microsoft live points that are absolutely genuine. The points are called Live Xbox points. However, you are allowed to generate as many points as you want from the generator. But you have to really careful about overdoing the points. If at all you try to generate more points which are not all required then it can hamper the whole community itself. Since you get the latest version for free do not abuse it for your benefit. Also do not try to speed up the process while you try to download the Live Code Generator software.

The great news is that by HaCk4xbOx Team of the Live Code Generator from the Xbox that is version 6. This new version has all the updated features that deliver great compatibility for the gamer. With this version on your Xbox you will be able to generate codes for 1200 points, 4000 points, 6000 points and also 12 month, 1 month, 3 month exclusively Free Live Gold Membership from the Xbox.

You just have to follow these simple steps in order to get the Live Code Generator:


You can download the free Xbox Live Code Generator that produces all the required live codes for free just like the previous version at the FREE XBOX LIVE CODES. The codes generated are exclusive from one another and works uniquely for Xbox 360.

More interestingly the Xbox system increases the recreational aspect by allowing you to access and use many more alternatives and exciting games that also allows alternative player to have fun with the game console. scan

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